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Dr. Dora Ngwang, MD

First and foremost, Dr. Kundu is an incredibly kind and compassionate pediatric pain physician.  This is critical, as too often patients with pain are not taken as seriously as they should be.  Dr. Kundu brings a comprehensive and holistic approach to her pain care strategies that looks at root causes (both physical and mental).  Her mentorship through the Proactive Pain Solutions Physicians Academy helps guide physicians to have a more robust and satisfying impact on patient care with improved outcomes.  There is a lack of pain management education especially in pediatric pain care.  Dr. Kundu's programs for both physicians and parents fill that gap wonderfully.  In addition to providing amazing medical expertise, Dr. Kundu clearly empowers physicians and patients in the area of self-care.  Dr. Anjana Kundu is a one of a kind physician, and training with her as a physician or parent is an experience in learning not to be missed

Dhanu Sant, MD

ThriveWell Pediatrics

Jacksonville, FL

It was through happenstance that I entered into a collaboration with Dr. Anjana Kundu in 2010, focused on reducing the burden of surgical disease for the rare congenital defect of bladder exstrophy in India.  But it was Dr. Kundu's superlative ability, compassion and commitment to the children in our care, that made her the very foundation of the work that we started there--the critical link in the caregiver chain without whom the entire endeavor would cease.  The International India Bladder Exstrophy Collaborative brings together pediatric urologists from children's hospitals of global repute, and each of these surgeons consistently articulate their own impressions of the outstanding talent and skill that Dr. Kundu brings to her work.  For 11 years, I have watched Dr. Kundu leave the hotel hours before the entire surgical team, take control of the patient care pathway from preoperative preparations to performing complex intubations, challenging vascular access procedures and epidurals, caudals and pudendal blocks with unparalleled efficacy and efficiency.  All of this even while Dr. Kundu is expertly teaching and mentoring legions of anesthesiologists, trainees and students.  After a full day in the operating room, Dr. Kundu spends hours rounding on all of the post-operative patients ensuring that post-surgical pain is appropriately managed--the first to arrive and last to leave after a full day overseeing the care of children undergoing the most complex surgical challenge in pediatric urology.  Dr. Kundu brings a unique holistic commitment to children's wellness that informs every aspect of her care, and without reservation I would say that Dr. Kundu encompasses the precepts of servant leadership that are an inspiration to our entire collaboration.

Aseem R. Shukla, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Attending Pediatric Urologist

Endowed Chair and Director, Minimally Invasive Surgery

Professor of Surgery (in Urology)

Perelman School of Medicine,University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Anjana Kundu is one of the finest pediatric pain specialists I’ve worked with. She utilizes her broad background, both in traditional western medicine and alternative medicine practices, to create customized, comprehensive and evidence-based treatment plans for even the most complex of pediatric pain cases. It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with her on academic research and education. She relates to those around her effortlessly and helps turn what can be a chore into a pleasant experience. She’s been a great mentor to me personally and to many trainees and younger faculty. It’s a real treat to watch her lead and champion national and international issues in pain care with finesse and grace. Dr. Kundu’s extensive knowledge and leadership skills combined with her passion for excellent pediatric pain care would be a tremendous gift to anyone who seeks to advance their own expertise. I have certainly benefited from her vast knowledge and mentorship.

James Mooney MD

Medical Director, Center for Pain Relief

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Emory Healthcare

We were so blessed to have met Dr. Kundu at Nationwide Children’s Hospital when our son was diagnosed with a rare and extremely painful condition. In one of the darkest moments of our son’s medical journey, when we felt like all our options - and most of our hope - were exhausted, Dr. Kundu became our light. She listened to our concerns that our son was too medicated, spending too much time on his cold therapy machines, and deteriorating too quickly, and supported us when we decided we needed to try something radically different. With her blessing and careful guidance, our son weaned off all his medications, and began a process of slowly reacclimatizing to a normal environment, without the help of machines— a step we’d have been hesitant to take without Dr. Kundu on our side, offering constant encouragement. That was the turning point in Cole’s life, and in ours. A year later he was off medication entirely, had nearly doubled in weight, and was doing well enough within a set of environmental controls that we were actively looking into enrolling him in kindergarten. Two years later, and he’s absolutely excelling in school, swimming, camping, playing with his friends, and living a life with a high degree of normalcy. Dr. Kundu may disagree that she helped save our son’s life, but when I watch Cole wrestling with his dad, or giggling at jokes (usually about butts), or deep in thought over a tough homework question, I know that none of it would have been possible without her. She’s our forever guardian angel.

We were thrilled to learn that Dr. Kundu is working to bring her expertise, compassion, and refreshing openness to alternative therapies to a wider audience. Our family has been blessed by her presence, and we know that she will continue to be a blessing to any family lucky enough to work with her.

Carolyn Swanson, Mom

Carl Swanson, Dad

Dr. Kundu has created an innovative program that will no doubt help hospitals and clinicians as they develop critically needed pediatric pain programs. 

Dr. Kundu has done a beautiful job of blending her passion and internationally recognized experience as a pediatric pain and palliative care physician, mentorship of junior faculty and her expert leadership capabilities to create an innovative program that trains physicians in pediatric pain medicine and palliative care to fill a massive void.  Having witnessed first hand, her remarkable skills in teaching clinical medicine, and expert program and faculty development, I’m confident that any system struggling to create a cost-effective solution for efficient and expert pediatric pain care should consider Proactive Pain Solutions.


Dr. Kundu’s commitment to improving access, quality and expertise for pediatric pain and palliative care, matched with her expertise, leadership and innovation will undoubtedly, empower any organization in creating a successful pain and palliative care service.

Thomas Taghon, DO, MHA, FAAP

 Associate Chief Medical Officer, Dayton Children’s Hospital

There are no words to describe how grateful I felt when Dr. Anjana Kundu reached out to me with some suggestions to help my 3 year old daughter, Claire, in response to my post. Claire was miserable with pain crying all night. Living in a remote area with very limited access to medical care for children, we were desperate to find something to help our baby girl. Her doctor wanted to help but felt so puzzled as to how. For 10 months, I sat beside Claire, almost every night, watching her suffer, and it felt so slow and painful. I worried every day and night, how she would cope. I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

Dr. Kundu made some suggestions to help Claire, some things I could ask our GP and she even offered to speak with our GP.  In ONE day, she has achieved more than 3 doctors in Australia had been able to do over the past 10 months. She had given us so much hope. I was contacted by the pain team at Sydney Children’s Hospital with an appointment for Claire within just weeks.  I know for a fact, without her assistance,  it would have been months if not years, before someone would put us through to the right people.


Thanks to Dr Kundu, Claire was put on appropriate medication and other necessary help to manage her pain. Dr. Kundu has saves Claire so much suffering! Her care, help, phone calls, and emails literally changed my entire family’s lives (I’m getting teary!).


I thank her from the bottom of my heart and for the rest of my life I will be grateful to her! ❤️​ ❤️

Amanda Bartulovich, NSW,

Australia Mother

We had been to 7 different Children's Hospitals across the country over 5 years before we got a diagnosis for my daughter and it was another year or two before she got the needed treatment plan to manage her chronic pain related to EDS. Having a discussion with Dr. Kundu was a real turning point in our lives when I could finally understand the nature of her pain, the sensory issues and how we could treat and manage them. With the proper plan in place, my daughter went from being in bed for days with headache or stomach pain, short of breath, missing school, and afraid to ride her bike because she was going to pass out to becoming fully functional again with a much better quality of life.  It was the first time that someone had explained to me as a parent, in simple terms, and  helped me understand the nature of my daughter's pain, and what could be done to manage it effectively. That gave me the strength and courage to push on and give her the needed help for her pain management.  Dr. Kundu has a beautiful holistic approach to children's pain management. She's the perfect person to be doing this so that many more families can benefit from her care. I know we have!

Pamela Block,  Florida, USA

Mom (of a child with chronic pain)

The Proactive Pain Physicians Academy is just wonderful. I loved the flexibility, I’ve learned a lot from the videos and discussion and materials online. If you don’t have time to make the zoom calls and meeting times, all the videos are recorded and the material is all very easily accessed. That’s made a huge difference. The Group discussions were very helpful.

I had a group of wonderful smart professionals I could bounce ideas off. Dr Anjana is smart, amazing, and a kind instructor. She is a wonderful mentor and always willing to help. She has provided us more resources than expected. She is always available and gets back with answers to questions ASAP. This is a great experience. The group and class is small enough where we get to know each other on a personal level, network with others from different Institutions and get different experiences and ways of doing things. I feel like I forever have a sound reasoning board with this group and the academy


I would highly recommend the Academy to anyone. The academy made me more comfortable and knowledgeable with a wide range of pediatric pain issues. It is comprehensive, but fun, exciting, with great group discussions and you have a group of great smart professionals you can have detailed conversations with. Dr. Anjana is a great mentor and knows the answers to everything =)

Dora Ngwang, MD

 Atlanta, GA

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