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To transform pediatric pain care by building capacity for improved ACCESS, QUALITY of care and EXPERTISE in managing children’s pain through partnership with, and empowerment of those most important in the process; healthcare institutions, clinicians, patients and families.


Proactive Pain Solutions is a healthcare education and consulting company dedicated to improving the care of children experiencing  pain. We educate, consult, empower, partner and work with clinicians, healthcare institutions and patients and families to improve access to, quality of, and expertise in pediatric pain care solutions. We offer evidence- based education and tools for healthcare providers, patients and families and create customized, innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective, multimodal pain care solutions within hospitals, institutions and practices.


Our story is deeply rooted in our strong belief that every child deserves adequate pain relief, that every clinician has a moral and ethical obligation to adequately and safely treat a child’s pain, and that empowered patients and families are an important piece of the pain care puzzle. Our work is dedicated to transforming pediatric pain care through improved ACCESS, QUALITY of care and EXPERTISE. 

The current state of pediatric pain care leaves much room for improvement. 
  • While the prevalence of pediatric pain is on the rise, the expertise to address these needs is lacking.
  • The medical training programs currently lack the appropriate curricula to provide expertise in pediatric pain medicine.  
  • The ever evolving landscape of healthcare, rising healthcare costs, imbalance between the time available for patient-doctor/clinician interaction, the increasing amounts of documentation, checkboxes for billing and compliance, countless forms, and threat of liability and malpractice risk , are leaving patients and the healthcare providers increasingly frustrated and dissatisfied. Despite the increasing expenses, these changes in healthcare have failed to result in same degree of improvement in the  healthcare outcomes.  
  • There is increasing incidence of burnout amongst healthcare providers and declining patient & family satisfaction with healthcare especially as it relates to their pain management needs.

We also believe that pediatric pain medicine is a “team sport”, and the wins occur when EVERY member of this team; health care providers, hospitals, patients and families, is well-trained, well-equipped, empowered and in turn plays their part well.

Better pain care results in a victory at every level resulting in better patient care, heightened patient/family and healthcare provider satisfaction, enhanced efficiency & productivity in healthcare delivery and decreased healthcare costs.

Through our free content, our paid online training programs, consultation and anything else we might offer — we’re in this to enhance the access, quality and expertise in pediatric pain care at EVERY LEVEL. To empower every stakeholder in this journey and to create confidence, satisfaction, sustainability and cost-efficiency in pediatric pain care.
Whether you’re a clinicians looking to enhance your pain care expertise, or a hospital/practice starting or growing your pain care services, or a parent/patient looking to take charge of your/your child’s health & pain needs, we can help you reach the highest levels of your potential giving you the necessary tools. 
Bolstered by our expertise, training and extensive experience in multimodal, integrative clinical pain medicine, and successful administrative skills, our innovative model to bring skills, sustainability, and quality for improved healthcare of children in pain to institutions, clinicians, patients and families
Proactive Pain Solutions is built on a bedrock of INNOVATION, EXPERTISE, COMPASSION, and COMMITMENT for making pediatric pain care easy, accessible, and safe.
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