Medicine is the epitome of lifelong learning. In medicine we should all consider ourselves both Students and Teachers

Many years of rigorous training in medicine, merely provides the groundwork for learning to heal, comfort and cure your patients.  The true mastery of healing that defines the quality of your career and service, results from how you navigate the many challenging situations in your practice, what lessons you learn from them and who's coaching & mentoring you.

  Whether you're: 

  • Just starting a new pain service OR expanding it, 

  • Finished with your pain medicine training OR lack the additional training

  • The default "expert" in pediatric pain

  • Faced with a “difficult” patient or family OR the “difficult” colleague, you know the one, who thinks none of his/her patients EVER have any pain….....

  Whether you wish:

  • There was a way to tell if that patient has "REAL" pain or just "med seeking"or covering up something else

  • You had more tools to manage the suspected "diversion" of your patients meds

  • There was a more tactful way to say, we don't know how this works, but.....

  • You could enhance your patient's compliance and acceptance of the treatment plan 

  • Someone had consulted you BEFORE admitting "that" patient for "pain control" 

Whatever your challenges are, we turn them into Opportunities!

Sure, you can acquire this on your own, over time, accumulating bits and pieces, online, or Going to established programs for observation, or

Attending an expensive masterclass, or

Meetings and conferences.  

But how long will that take?

How much travel, and time away from your loved ones does THAT mean?

At what expense?

And to what OUTCOME?

There is no shortage of information out there, but TRANSFORMATION requires commitment, guidance, mentorship, leadership and experience

What if the tools for transformation were delivered to YOU?

What if you could choose to do it on your own time? 

In the comfort of your home or office or clinic?

What if the needed knowledge and tools were at your finger tips, “just in time” to help with that challenging patient/family ? 

Or to turn your skeptical colleague into your strongest ally?

We make it all happen!

Our programs provide:

  • Clinician expertise development and augmentation

  • A library of sturdy evidence-based educational and practical tools

  • Expert mentorship and guidance based on years of experience

  • Comprehensive curriculum

  • Advancement of your expertise beyond the didactic knowledge

  • Development of leadership skills

  • A community of like-minded individuals 

  • Clinician-to-Clinician consultation

All delivered to you wherever you are,

WHILE you continue your job


WITHOUT any additional travel

to other cities for meetings, conferences, fellowship or observership training.

Consider this your VIRTUAL FELLOWSHIP in Pediatric Pain Medicine!

Dr. Kundu has created an innovative program that will no doubt help hospitals and clinicians as they develop critically needed pediatric pain programs.  Dr. Kundu has done a beautiful job of blending her passion and internationally recognized experience as a pediatric pain and palliative care physician, mentorship of junior faculty and her expert leadership capabilities to create an innovative program that trains physicians in pediatric pain medicine and palliative care to fill a massive void.  Having witnessed first hand, her remarkable skills in teaching clinical medicine, and expert program and faculty development, I’m confident that any system struggling to create a cost-effective solution for efficient and expert pediatric pain care should consider Proactive Pain Solutions. Dr. Kundu’s commitment to improving access, quality and expertise for pediatric pain and palliative care, matched with her expertise, leadership and innovation will undoubtedly, empower any organization in creating a successful pain and palliative care service.


Thomas Taghon, DO, MHA, FAAP

Associate Chief Medical Officer, Dayton Children’s Hospital

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