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We offer education, training, tools and consultation services for patients and families, health care providers, health care institutions and practices serving children affected by pain, with the goal of transforming pediatric pain care through improved ACCESS, QUALITY of care and EXPERTISE .  
Patient & Families
We provide education, training  & tools to help you and your child take charge of their life and their pain care needs

Free Content 

Our Blogposts, Facebook Lives and educational posts offer insights, information, strategies and tools for patients, parents and caregivers to  better understand & effectively manage your/your child's pain 

Online Training Program

Specifically designed for parents and caregivers of children with pain, to improve the effectiveness of their treatments.

Created and delivered by pediatric pain experts with extensive experience. 

Includes multiple treatment modalities; medication, non-medication, mind-body therapies,  alternative medicine, strategies for social support, school and functional improvement.

Private Facebook Community 

A community of parents and caregivers of children with pain, Regular Q&A sessions with pediatric pain experts.

Provides a platform for discussing their successes, challenges, providing support and encouragement to each other.

We offer expert resources for clinicians' professional development based on formal training, extensive experience and leadership in multidisciplinary pediatric pain care & medical education 

Free Content 

Our Podcast, Blogposts, Facebook Lives and educational posts offer insights, information, sand education about pediatric pain management.


Online Training Program

Designed specifically for clinicians to enhance their clinical proficiency  and develop a mastery in pediatric pain medicine. It offers evidence based educational & practical tools, mentorship and guidance. 

Clinician to Clinician Consultations

Private Facebook Community 

A community of clinicians faced with challenges of caring for children with pain. Q&A sessions with our pediatric pain experts. It also provides a platform for discussions, collaborations, sharing resources, their successes, challenges, providing support and encouragement to each other.

We provide transformational consultation services for building customized, sustainable and robust pediatric pain care solutions and expansion of programs. 

Needs Assessment

Onsite needs assessment and creation of a detailed roadmap to address them based on institutional resources and priorities.

Strategic Business Plan Development. Identification of resources and team to meet the demands of your institution matched with the institutional priorities.

Team Building 

Ideal staffing, essential team members  from internal and external resources, to create expert, highly functional teams

Clinician Support  

Development & enhancement of providers' clinical proficiency, expertise, and community building.

Leadership development

Coaching and leadership development for the pain medicine program.

Program Development.

May include any or all of the above listed services and/or implementation of strategic plan for sustainable, comprehensive pain management services, optimizing financial and operational management of the programQuality Improvement program development. 

Doctor's Desk

Here's Our Clients Statement

Her passion and enthusiasm to teach and share her knowledge shine through Dr. Kundu’s radiant personality. She has built successful pediatric pain management programs both here in the USA and also in India, demonstrating her ability to strategically align her strengths as a clinician and a leader.

—  Pramod P. Reddy, MD

        Division Director, Pediatric Urology

        Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

       Professor, UC Department of Surgery

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