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Watching your child suffer from chronic, relentless pain, that's disrupting their AND your family’s lives, is one of the hardest things for any parent   

Often, the pain may be invisible to others, but as parent, you've had to see your child crying, curled up in a ball, because of pain

It's hard to watch them:

  • Stay up into the wee hours of night with pain, and feel exhausted in the morning

  • Unable to go to or stay in school

  • Struggle to concentrate due to constant “brain fog”

  • Unable to play the sports or the musical instrument, quit dance or theater they so enjoyed and were great at

  • Slowly giving up parts of themselves

  • Become more & more anxious about their pain and finally depressed about not being able to cope with pain and their losses because of it

  • Turn into a short tempered, irritable porcupine

You feel HELPLESS watching them spiral down, gradually cutting out pieces of their life and becoming more withdrawn and homebound

If you have found yourself wishing that you could:

  • Understand what was going on with your child’s body, mind and emotions due to pain

  • Knew what to say and how to best support them when they are having a rough time?

  • Wish you could give your child their LIFE back

  • Had something that you and your child can turn to, when they are having a setback, without having to go to the emergency room, or using medications that cause unwanted side effects or watch them suffer

  • Could do more to support their school work without being penalized or torturing your child

  • NOT leave the doctor’s office, wishing you had more time to get your & your child’s questions answered

  • Partner with professionals to help your child build the needed coping skills?

  • NOT feel like you’re alone

If ANY of these sound like your struggle, we can help!

We help you:

  • Understand what is going on in your child’s body, brain and emotions when pain enters your child’s life AND

  • Give you tools to become a proactive partner in managing your child’s pain and healthcare needs.

  • We help YOU in making your child’s treatments more effective,  decreasing their pain, improving their quality of life, school attendance, sleep and much more.

  • Offer resources CUSTOMIZED for your child to learn more about their conditions AND tools for THEM to utilize in their own pain care.

We help you and your child TAKE CHARGE of their life and their pain care needs rather than becoming a victim of their pain

Doctor and Patient

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Mother and Baby

What Our Clients Say

“Having a discussion with Dr. Kundu was a real turning point in our lives when I could finally understand the nature of her pain, the sensory issues and how we could treat and manage them.” 


— Pamela Block,  Florida, USA

Mom (of a child with chronic pain)

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