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Increasing Pain Care Demands

  • Over 19 million school aged children (1 in 3) in US are affected by chronic pain according to statistics.

  • Wait times to see a pediatric pain specialist may be as long as 6 months.

  • 65% of emergency room visits have a pain presentation

  • Inappropriate management of acute pain results in chronic pain

  • 73% of children with chronic pain become adults with chronic pain

  • Annual cost related to pediatric chronic pain is 19.5 billion dollars and accounts for 11.8 billion dollars in total incremental health care expenditures, which is more than that of obesity ($0.73 billion) and asthma ($9.23 billion) combined.

Despite increased awareness and recognition of pediatric pain, there remains a glaring MISMATCH between the demand for adequate pediatric pain care and number of trained pediatric pain management providers

Scarcity of Resources

  • More than 100 academic centers provide pediatric subspecialty care, but many do not have faculty trained to care for pediatric pain patients

  • Less than 1% of institutions offer training in pediatric pain medicine

  • Opioid epidemic is partly a result of inadequate training of clinicians in appropriate pain management

Challenges in Recruitment of Experts

  • Lack of pain curricula in medical school, residency training programs.

  • Veterinarians get 5 times more pain education than medical students.

  • Absence of administrative, business and leadership training during residency and fellowship

  • Average time for recruitment of physicians can take over 200 days and even longer for those with subspecialty training

  • Most physicians and clinical providers either stay close to where they trained or will opt for large urban, metropolitan academic centers

  • Budgetary constraints to support service based programs

Sizeable Economic Impact


  • Pain is the number 1 determinant of patient/family satisfaction

  • Adequate pain control significantly reduces the length of stay (LOS) in hospital and increases the number of outpatient surgeries.

  • Adequate pain treatment is an integral part of determinants of value based reimbursements (MACRA, MIPS) and cost-effective healthcare models like Peri-operative Surgical Homes

  • Appropriate pain assessment, management and adequate clinician training as key components for institutional ACCREDITATION.

We offer INNOVATIVE, COST- EFFECTIVE solutions for you

We help you build CUSTOMIZED, SUSTAINABLE and robust pain care solutions matched with YOUR priorities and resources


We help you achieve your targets for:

  • Improved patient/family satisfaction scores

  • Improved reimbursements,

  • Decreased healthcare utilization costs

  • Shorter length of stay (LOS)

  • Establish and enhance clinical and operational performance.

  • Meet accreditation requirements and better your institutional rankings. 

  • Foster leadership skills, and clinician expertise development, using evidence based tools and support. 


You may choose from our range of offerings to address your unique needs  


  • Needs Assessment.

  • Strategic Plan development.

  • Transformational Consultations for customized, sustainable and robust pain care solutions.

  • Assess and enhance clinical and operational performance using Lean methodology

  • Clinician Expertise development

  • ​Clinician-to-Clinician consultation

  • Leadership & Team development 

With our expert guidance, we are growing a network of clinicians & practices that not only provide the much needed expert care, but can thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare environment.

There are no words to describe how grateful I felt when Dr. Anjana Kundu reached out to me with some suggestions to help my 3 year old daughter, Claire, in response to my post. Claire was miserable with pain crying all night. Living in a remote area with very limited access to medical care for children, we were desperate to find something to help our baby girl. Her doctor wanted to help but felt so puzzled as to how. For 10 months, I sat beside Claire, almost every night, watching her suffer, and it felt so slow and painful. I worried every day and night, how she would cope. I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

Dr. Kundu made some suggestions to help Claire, some things I could ask our GP and she even offered to speak with our GP.  In ONE day, she has achieved more than 3 doctors in Australia had been able to do over the past 10 months. She had given us so much hope. I was contacted by the pain team at Sydney Children’s Hospital with an appointment for Claire within just weeks.  I know for a fact, without her assistance,  it would have been months if not years, before someone would put us through to the right people. Thanks to Dr Kundu, Claire was put on appropriate medication and other necessary help to manage her pain, which is gradually helping her. 

Dr Kundu has saved Claire so much suffering. Her care, help, phone calls, and emails literally changed my entire family’s lives (I’m getting teary!). I thank her from the bottom of my heart and for the rest of my life I will be grateful to her!  Heart emojis here… 

Amanda Bartulovich, NSW, Australia


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