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Anjana Kundu MD, ABIHM, FAAP


Trained in US and India, board certified in pain medicine, integrative medicine, and anesthesiology, with many years of experience in pain and palliative care across the globe, I'm a passionate clinician, accomplished academician, educator and administrator.  I’m credited with building, growing and leading successful pediatric programs. I'm also a founding member, and former President of the Society for Pediatric Pain Medicine (SPPM) where I still remain active.


I have effectively turned the challenges of building a service based program into opportunities for success through operational efficiency, clinical expertise & leadership development and enhanced satisfaction for patients, families, and the clinicians alike.


Transformative leadership, fiscal stability, excellent clinical care, and academic scholarship are hallmarks of my service. 

Personally, I'm a mother of a teenager, a runner, cyclist, foodie gardening and yoga enthusiast who also loves travel, music and reading!


Jeralyn Amate

Project Coordinator

Born and raised on the island of Cebu, Philippines, Jeralyn is determined to spread positivity and happiness around her. Jeralyn is highly skilled in time management, developing strategies for marketing, project management and client services.  She's passionate about helping and assisting others working effortlessly with various team members, consultants and contractors to ensure and promote efficiency and timeliness of the projects. With her broad experience in digital marketing she masterfully analyzes and executes plans, seeing them to completion. 


She loves to travel with her family and relishes seafood.

Rosalie Tassone, MD, MPH

Strategic Director

Dr. Rosalie Tassone is a board certified anesthesiologist and pediatric anesthesiologist.   With an interest in pediatric pain, she is an authority in integrative medicine and acupuncture and is experienced in developing clinical medical acupuncture services de novo.   Dr. Tassone has utilized her leadership experience in pediatric anesthesia and expertise in medical education as a former pediatric anesthesiology program director for the development of anesthesiology services in the international setting.

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Social Media Curator

Sydney is from Dayton, OH, and currently attends The Ohio State University in Columbus. She's pursuing a degree in English with a focus on Writing, Rhetoric, and Literacy, and is enhancing her skills with a minor in Communication Technology. In her free time, she loves to play soccer, hike, and visit new restaurants and cafes with her friends. Sydney became interested in content curation when she mocked up a business for a digital marketing class and received inquiries about her "products," which didn't actually exist! Since then, she's taken several digital media courses and worked with various digital mediums. This newfound love brought her to the digital marketing sphere, where she has been able to support Proactive Pain Solutions.


Gene Dy

Media Producer 

When it comes to video and audiovisual content creation, Gene is the man you can count on! An extremely talented man with a natural eye for masterfully blending design and music, He could take raw images and turn them into stunning masterpieces. With his years of experience, he believes that creating a good audiovisual is essential in order to connect emotionally to the audiences and to inspire and motivate them. 


He was born in the Philippine. Besides his love of media, he enjoys good food and travel.

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