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ELEVATE  Your Pediatric Pain Management Skills in 7 Proactive Steps!

Powerful skills for busy physicians that improve outcomes turning your “difficult” patients & families into engaged and empowered partners.

In this Masterclass



Skills to masterfully and efficiently assess and treat simple to most complex pediatric pain problems. 


Step by Step approach to turning your passive, “difficult” pain patients/families into engaged, satisfied partners, maximizing your pain care visits, treatment outcomes and satisfaction scores.


What makes physicians afraid, or skeptical of pain management in kids and how to overcome those!


Common MYTHS & MISCONCEPTIONS hindering children’s pain management.


Why pediatric pain management is critical for addressing a mounting healthcare crisis and the role you play as physician.


You’re a pediatric physician, who takes care of children’s health in ANY AREA of healthcare.
You feel challenged or frustrated by complex (or simple) pediatric pain issues or by the lack of progress of your patients with “usual care”.
You want to have basic or advanced skills, and tools for care of your patients’ pain issues.

DO NOT MISS this FREE Masterclass if….

You desire advanced pediatric pain management skills for the children under your care.
You don't have time to pursue another formal training program.
You're looking to expand your pain care toolkit beyond medication management.
You desire more efficiency in the care of patients presenting with pain issues to the ER, clinic or inpatient units. 
You desire higher patient/family satisfaction.

What other physicians say.......

 Dr. Kundu is an incredibly kind and compassionate pediatric pain physician.  This is critical, as too often patients with pain are not taken as seriously as they should be. She is a one of a kind physician, and training with her as a physician or parent is an experience in learning not to be missed

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Dhanu Sant, MD

ThriveWell Pediatrics

Jacksonville, FL


 Though most physicians encounter their patients’ pain issues, regardless of their area of practice, not everyone receives the necessary training and tools. It becomes a daunting task, especially when it comes to children’s pain. Meanwhile, pain management is a key driver of patient and family satisfaction. 

The current global crisis has dramatically challenged the patients’ access to pain care, making the situation more difficult.   

Using my nearly 2 decades of experience, I compiled these simple and proactive steps for a busy physician like you, that will have you managing these, issues like a pro, creating greater satisfaction for both your patients and yourself!

These will be the most productive 60 minutes you’ll spend, in return for the confidence and skills to masterfully take care of ALL your pediatric pain patients and ensure the job security you deserve!

See you in the Masterclass!!

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