Disparities in Pediatric Pain Care

Nathalia Jimenez, MD MPH

This episode delves into various factors that contribute to disparities in pediatric pain medicine. Discrepancies in pediatric pain care is a reality. Dr Nathalia Jimenez shares her findings, insights into contributing factors leading to these disparities and how to address them, and achieve improved healthcare outcomes.

Takeaways in This Episode

  • Differences in pain care practices between developed and developing countries

  • Differences in pain experiences of racial minority patients

  • Factors contributing to disparities in pediatric pain

  • System level drivers of differences in pain experiences

  • Why asking parents to advocate for their children's pain may not be an effective approach to better pain care (Hint: It has much to do with assumptions, instead we need to ask better questions)

  • What their research findings reveal about disparities around pain assessment and treatment practices among racially diverse patients

  • What pediatric populations are particularly at risk for under-treatment of pain 

  • Patients and family, clinician and institutional level measures to address disparities

  • Why the concept of "Equal Care" is flawed when it comes to pain care disparities (Hint: Think equitable care!)

  • Dynamics of personalized medicine and disparities in pain care

  • What is her advice for clinicians as well as patients and families that will help move the needle forward for better pediatric pain care.

Added Bonus 

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