Episode 1

Pediatric Pain: A team sport in need of transformation

This inaugural episode of Pedia Pain Focus, discusses what fueled its creation, the core beliefs and philosophy driving enhanced pediatric pain care, the current status of pediatric pain medicine, need for transformative action, and as a healthcare provider who cares for any child faced with pain issues, why and how this podcast is going to aide you in becoming confident in providing superior care of your patients.


Take aways in this episode


  • Core beliefs and philosophy driving the content of this podcast

  • Similarities between pediatric pain medicine and a team sport, and the components of this team.

  • Despite significant advances in understanding and awareness of acute pain in children, this has not effectively translated into routine clinical practice and pain relief in children remains inadequate and undertreated.

  • How the impact of pediatric pain extends well beyond just the child’s physical suffering

  • Surprising financial footprint of pediatric pain that surpasses that of top 3 childhood diagnoses

  • How seemingly bleak situation of pediatric pain presents unique opportunity for transformation.

  • What pediatric transformation should look like.


Links mentioned in this episode



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