Episode 2

3 areas every healthcare provider can influence to improve children's pain care

With millions of children facing surgery related pain and another 40% of children dealing with chronic pain, learn what 3 pillars determine the quality of their pain care, what factors have major influence on these areas, and what considerations by healthcare providers, administrators and agencies can improve the future of pediatric pain care. 

Takeaways from this Episode

  • Major barriers to effective pain care of children’s pain

  • Some of the common myths and misconceptions about children’s pain

  • What the IASP recommends as appropriate wait time to attend to pediatric pain and how well we score on that benchmark

  • Factors contributing to the barriers to effective pediatric pain care

  • How a mis-step in the 1940s hijacked the pediatric pain treatment efforts

  • A special power of children that clinicians tend to misunderstood, but what we should and need to harness to optimize treatment outcomes.

  • Important elements to consider when designing effectives solutions for the barriers to effective pain care for children.

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